The KFC Wraps is now on Guam! Priced at two for
$6.50 at all Guam locations and at kfcguam.com
beginning October 2.
The KFC Wraps come in two varieties:
The Classic Chicken Wrap, a hand-breaded Extra
Crispy Tender with pickles and mayo, wrapped up
in a warm tortilla.
The Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap covers an Extra
Crispy Tender in a mix coleslaw, spicy sauce and
KFC Guam fans have made it loud and clear that
they looking forward for our fried chicken wraps.
There have been mentions on Social Media for the
past months around fans craving wraps, making it
a highly anticipated menu item for snackers and
KFC fans alike.
KFC, It’s Finger Lickn’ Good!

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